HCLFV? 801010? Raw Till 4? What’s that?

HCLFV. 801010. Raw Till 4. So what is all this about? A HCLFV lifestyle is a High Carb Low Fat Vegan diet. Basically it means a person gets 80% of their calories from plant-based carbohydrates, 10% of calories from plant-based protein, and the remaining 10% from plant-based fat. So now you might be thinking "80% carbs?… Continue reading HCLFV? 801010? Raw Till 4? What’s that?


Am I Actually In Dublin? Is This Real?

I can't believe I'm here. In Dublin. Finally! It still doesn't feel real to me. Each time I peer out through my bedroom window I'm convinced I'll see UBC campus and the familiar rugby field and hockey arena. Even though I know they're there I'm always surprised to see the Georgian buildings and famous Dublin doors.… Continue reading Am I Actually In Dublin? Is This Real?


New Beginnings

It’s September. It’s the first day of a new school year and everyone’s heading to class. But I’m graduated now. So what am I doing on this day? I’m moving to Dublin!!!!! Yep! No big deal or anything. A few months ago my application for an Irish Working Holiday Visa was accepted. This means I’m… Continue reading New Beginnings