20 Things I Hope to Accomplish in my Twenties

In light of my recent birthday (24!), I've decided to share my list of 20 things that I hope to accomplish in my 20's. Some things on this list I've already accomplished, but there's still plenty left to do and a lot of them are travel related so it looks like it's going to be… Continue reading 20 Things I Hope to Accomplish in my Twenties



Today I am grateful that I am living in Ireland. I can't believe that exactly a year ago Seán was visiting me in Vancouver, and now I'm here in Dublin! I absolutely love living in Dublin. The Georgian buildings and winding streets make me feel as though I'm living in a fairytale, not to mention the many castles… Continue reading 14/03/2017


When You Move Abroad For Love

“So what brought you to Dublin?” I get asked this question a lot. Because of this, I’ve got a few different responses depending on who I’m talking to. The logical and professional response: “I love traveling and have always wanted to live in Europe and it’s easy for Canadians to get a visa in Ireland,… Continue reading When You Move Abroad For Love