Today I am grateful for how much I have to look forward to. I have so many plans for the upcoming months, for summer, and just for life in general. It's amazing when things begin to fall into place and work out just how you want them to. The universe has a plan, and everything… Continue reading 21/02/2017



Paris. The city of light (and of love, romance, food, wine, effortless chic, and that certain je nais se quoi). I fell in love with Paris, as one does, the first time I visited the city three years ago. After deciding to move to Dublin, I was looking for an excuse to go back for… Continue reading Paris



London calling! Back in November I took a weekend trip to London. Traveling to the UK from Dublin is so easy with Ryanair, again I only paid 9.99 euro for my flight! With those prices I couldn’t resist booking a trip, plus it had been 3 years since I was last in London and I… Continue reading London



Today I'm grateful for life's serendipitous moments. Due to rain, wind, snow, and hail (classic Dublin) we had to cancel our plans and instead spent the day at Seán's house hanging out with his family, watching the rugby match, and making 3 types of delicious hummus: classic, beet, and carrot&courgette (recipes soon to come!). All… Continue reading  12/10/2017


HCLFV? 801010? Raw Till 4? What’s that?

HCLFV. 801010. Raw Till 4. So what is all this about? A HCLFV lifestyle is a High Carb Low Fat Vegan diet. Basically it means a person gets 80% of their calories from plant-based carbohydrates, 10% of calories from plant-based protein, and the remaining 10% from plant-based fat. So now you might be thinking "80% carbs?… Continue reading HCLFV? 801010? Raw Till 4? What’s that?



I'm grateful for finishing work a half hour early on Fridays, and I'm grateful that it was still light out as I walked home. Spring is on its way! I'm grateful for an evening full of laughs, conversation, and delicious home cooked vegan food at Caroline's. I'm so lucky to made such a wonderful friend… Continue reading 10/02/2017


New Year, New Me

I realize I am very late in posting this, but I've only just gotten back into blogging and I figure better late than never. Here are my New Years resolutions for 2017! (I've already started working on a few - more posts to come!)    Explore more of Ireland. I've just moved halfway across the… Continue reading New Year, New Me