Today I'm grateful for sunshine! It's crazy how much the nice weather positively affects my mood. It was a beautiful warm sunny day in Dublin today so Seán and I decided to drive out to a nearby beach. We stopped by our favourite falafel restaurant, Umi Falafel, and picked up some wraps to bring with… Continue reading 12/03/17



I'm grateful for longer days and warmer temperatures. I'm grateful for a delicious dinner at my favourite falafel place. I'm grateful for a fun and happy evening and a pint or two of Guinness. 



Today is Valentine's Day and I'm so grateful that I got to spend it with Seán. This time last year we were doing long distance and we were over 7000 kilometers apart. I'm so grateful for how things worked out and that I now get to see him as often as I do. I'm also… Continue reading 14/02/2017



Today I'm grateful for life's serendipitous moments. Due to rain, wind, snow, and hail (classic Dublin) we had to cancel our plans and instead spent the day at Seán's house hanging out with his family, watching the rugby match, and making 3 types of delicious hummus: classic, beet, and carrot&courgette (recipes soon to come!). All… Continue reading  12/10/2017



I'm grateful for rainy mornings when I have nowhere to rush off to, where I can wake up gently, lounge around the apartment, and slowly sip my morning cup of tea. I'm grateful for the accomplished feeling after an intense work out and I'm grateful that my body allows me to move in such demanding physical ways.… Continue reading 11/02/2017


Closing The Distance

  Closing the distance. That's the end goal for every long distance relationship. The day where you no longer have to get in a car or a plane to see each other. You're finally together! It's been about two weeks since I got on a plane to Dublin with my one way ticket and I'm… Continue reading Closing The Distance


Courgette and Almond Soup

This is Seán's mom's recipe and it's one of my favourites. She made this soup many times during my visit last Christmas. It was so nice to have it again now that I'm back in Ireland. Today was my first attempt at her recipe! I think I did pretty well, but I'll let Seán be… Continue reading Courgette and Almond Soup