Today I am grateful for my discovery of a wonderful little Asian market just down the road from my apartment! I got so many good things like tofu, miso paste, tahini, and best of all - sriracha! Vancouver is a very multicultural city with a large Asian population so I took it for granted to… Continue reading 13/03/2017



Today I'm grateful for sunshine! It's crazy how much the nice weather positively affects my mood. It was a beautiful warm sunny day in Dublin today so Seán and I decided to drive out to a nearby beach. We stopped by our favourite falafel restaurant, Umi Falafel, and picked up some wraps to bring with… Continue reading 12/03/17



Today I'm grateful for my friend Caroline! She is so kind and thoughtful and I'm so grateful for our friendship. It's so wonderful to have made a friend who is also new to the country and always willing to explore. She's also always there to try out a new vegan recipe with me, to curl my… Continue reading 10/03/2017