Today I'm grateful for getting back to the gym. I pretty much took off the month of March but I've got a much better feeling about April as I'm feeling much more motivated and committed to my health. It feels good to be back. I'm grateful that I've recognized something wasn't working for me, and… Continue reading 10/04/2017



Today I'm grateful for warm weather. It reached a high of 18 degrees in Dublin today!!! Unfortunately I spent most of the day indoors, at work. Luckily for me though the days are getting longer and the warmth and clear skies lasted until the evening. On Wednesdays we have our group run after work, so we… Continue reading 15/03/2017



Today I am grateful for a hot shower after a long day of work followed by a run in the pouring rain. Yes I went running even when it was raining, who even am I? I'm grateful for how motivated I can be when I really set my mind to something. I'm proud of myself… Continue reading 22/02/2017


An Apple A Day

The World Health Organization defines health as a "complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity".  Health is a holistic state of wellness of the entire body, meaning all areas of the body are strong, resilient, and resistant. Wellness is a state where the body is thriving - not just… Continue reading An Apple A Day



I'm grateful for the support and motivation from my coworkers on our group run today! I have never liked running and I would never be motivated enough to go for a run on my own, but I actually find myself enjoying the weekly runs and even looking forward to them! It's amazing how much of… Continue reading 15/02/2017