Is It Expensive To Go Vegan?

Is it expensive to go vegan? No! Veganism is not expensive. It's a common misconception that in order to eat a plant based diet you have to spend a lot of money on groceries and only shop at places like Whole Foods and health food stores. While I do love these types of grocery stores… Continue reading Is It Expensive To Go Vegan?


HCLFV? 801010? Raw Till 4? What’s that?

HCLFV. 801010. Raw Till 4. So what is all this about? A HCLFV lifestyle is a High Carb Low Fat Vegan diet. Basically it means a person gets 80% of their calories from plant-based carbohydrates, 10% of calories from plant-based protein, and the remaining 10% from plant-based fat. So now you might be thinking "80% carbs?… Continue reading HCLFV? 801010? Raw Till 4? What’s that?


New Year, New Me

I realize I am very late in posting this, but I've only just gotten back into blogging and I figure better late than never. Here are my New Years resolutions for 2017! (I've already started working on a few - more posts to come!)    Explore more of Ireland. I've just moved halfway across the… Continue reading New Year, New Me


Oops I Forgot To Blog – Part Two

Well, it happened again. Life got busy and I forgot to blog. Between settling into a new country, a new job, and a new life really, I just couldn't find the time. But I'm back now and I plan to actually post a bit- new year new me and all that. I've had an exciting… Continue reading Oops I Forgot To Blog – Part Two


Closing The Distance

  Closing the distance. That's the end goal for every long distance relationship. The day where you no longer have to get in a car or a plane to see each other. You're finally together! It's been about two weeks since I got on a plane to Dublin with my one way ticket and I'm… Continue reading Closing The Distance


Courgette and Almond Soup

This is Seán's mom's recipe and it's one of my favourites. She made this soup many times during my visit last Christmas. It was so nice to have it again now that I'm back in Ireland. Today was my first attempt at her recipe! I think I did pretty well, but I'll let Seán be… Continue reading Courgette and Almond Soup


“It’s Not Like That In Vancouver”

I've officially been living in Dublin for more than a week now! I know that is only a short amount of time, but I've still picked up on many of the cultural differences between Ireland and Canada. It used to annoy me to hear travellers comment that something done in a new city is not… Continue reading “It’s Not Like That In Vancouver”