Today I'm grateful for motivation from my wonderful boyfriend. I know I should workout and I know how good I'll feel afterwards, but sometimes it's so hard to drag myself to the gym (even though it's only around the corner...). Seán exercises every day, either working out in the gym or playing rugby, and knowing… Continue reading 27/04/2017



Today I am grateful for a delicious breakfast made by my wonderful boyfriend. He made me vegan pancakes topped with chocolate tahini sauce and fresh berries! I'm also grateful for a long walk along the sea. The west of Ireland is breathtakingly beautiful. The incredible sights combined with fresh air and a sea breeze made for a… Continue reading 25/03/2017



Today I am grateful for blue sky after a rainy weekend and rainy beginning to the week. I sometimes complain about the few days it does rain here in Dublin but I know I should be grateful for the usually good weather - it's nothing like Vancouver's months and months of never ending rain (and… Continue reading 22/03/2017