Am I Actually In Dublin? Is This Real?

I can’t believe I’m here. In Dublin. Finally! It still doesn’t feel real to me. Each time I peer out through my bedroom window I’m convinced I’ll see UBC campus and the familiar rugby field and hockey arena. Even though I know they’re there I’m always surprised to see the Georgian buildings and famous Dublin doors. It amazes me every time. I’m actually here!

Seán has just begun his master’s program and is back in college, and it’s Monday so my flatmate was at work all day. So that meant today was my first day entirely on my own. I spent the day exploring my neighbourhood, walking through St. Stephen’s Green, and shopping on Grafton Street. Walking around Dublin has made me realize how happy I am here and how much I love it already. I didn’t use Google Maps today and still managed to find my way around, and back home – which for me is a really big deal. I feel at ease here. I feel welcome and I feel like Dublin is my home.

Later tonight Seán and I are meeting a few of his friends in a pub near my apartment. Another thing I love about Ireland is the nightlife. It is so much different from Vancouver. It’s so much better! Every night is so much fun, and everyone is always having a great time. The other night we went out to a pub and I was having so much fun I didn’t even notice it was 5am! I love the pub culture here. Irish people know how to have a good time.

It’s been all fun so far, but this week I also have to start setting up my life here. I’ve got job interviews, I have to open a bank account and set up a phone plan, and I’ve got appointments to get my PPS number and to get my visa stamped. It all sounds very confusing, so thank goodness for my boyfriend, my flatmate, and the Internet.

So far I am loving life in Ireland! I can’t wait to see what the next year of my life brings.



7 thoughts on “Am I Actually In Dublin? Is This Real?”

  1. Your smiling face leaps from the page – even though I can’t really see you, I see you! Glad you arrived safely and are settling in well. I am taking a break next week, so if I don’t comment on posts it’s not cos I’m ignoring you ☺️


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