Today I am grateful for blue sky after a rainy weekend and rainy beginning to the week. I sometimes complain about the few days it does rain here in Dublin but I know I should be grateful for the usually good weather - it's nothing like Vancouver's months and months of never ending rain (and… Continue reading 22/03/2017


HCLFV? 801010? Raw Till 4? What’s that?

HCLFV. 801010. Raw Till 4. So what is all this about? A HCLFV lifestyle is a High Carb Low Fat Vegan diet. Basically it means a person gets 80% of their calories from plant-based carbohydrates, 10% of calories from plant-based protein, and the remaining 10% from plant-based fat. So now you might be thinking "80% carbs?… Continue reading HCLFV? 801010? Raw Till 4? What’s that?


Closing The Distance

  Closing the distance. That's the end goal for every long distance relationship. The day where you no longer have to get in a car or a plane to see each other. You're finally together! It's been about two weeks since I got on a plane to Dublin with my one way ticket and I'm… Continue reading Closing The Distance


New Beginnings

It’s September. It’s the first day of a new school year and everyone’s heading to class. But I’m graduated now. So what am I doing on this day? I’m moving to Dublin!!!!! Yep! No big deal or anything. A few months ago my application for an Irish Working Holiday Visa was accepted. This means I’m… Continue reading New Beginnings


I Graduated – Now What?

Today was the big day. I woke up at 5:30am (thanks for that UBC), put on a pretty dress and heels, and ventured out to campus to join hundreds of my peers in struggling to get our gowns on, hoods pinned, and caps straight before our 8:00am convocation. The ceremony itself was kind of a blur, but… Continue reading I Graduated – Now What?