London calling! Back in November I took a weekend trip to London. Traveling to the UK from Dublin is so easy with Ryanair, again I only paid 9.99 euro for my flight! With those prices I couldnโ€™t resist booking a trip, plus it had been 3 years since I was last in London and I… Continue reading London



I'm grateful for the support and motivation from my coworkers on our group run today! I have never liked running and I would never be motivated enough to go for a run on my own, but I actually find myself enjoying the weekly runs and even looking forward to them! It's amazing how much of… Continue reading 15/02/2017



Today I am grateful for all of the kind words I have received after finally sharing my blog with friends and family. I was nervous to share my writing but everyone has been incredibly encouraging and supportive so I'm glad I did!


New Year, New Me

I realize I am very late in posting this, but I've only just gotten back into blogging and I figure better late than never. Here are my New Years resolutions for 2017! (I've already started working on a few - more posts to come!)    Explore more of Ireland. I've just moved halfway across the… Continue reading New Year, New Me



Today I am grateful for chatting and laughing with myย co-workers at my new job and for how easily they have accepted me into their group. I am grateful for the abundance of fresh fruit at the office. I'm grateful for before bed phone calls with Seรกn to hear about each others' day and to wish… Continue reading 09/02/2017