Today I am grateful that I am living in Ireland. I can't believe that exactly a year ago Seán was visiting me in Vancouver, and now I'm here in Dublin! I absolutely love living in Dublin. The Georgian buildings and winding streets make me feel as though I'm living in a fairytale, not to mention the many castles… Continue reading 14/03/2017



Today I'm grateful for sunshine! It's crazy how much the nice weather positively affects my mood. It was a beautiful warm sunny day in Dublin today so Seán and I decided to drive out to a nearby beach. We stopped by our favourite falafel restaurant, Umi Falafel, and picked up some wraps to bring with… Continue reading 12/03/17


When You Move Abroad For Love

“So what brought you to Dublin?” I get asked this question a lot. Because of this, I’ve got a few different responses depending on who I’m talking to. The logical and professional response: “I love traveling and have always wanted to live in Europe and it’s easy for Canadians to get a visa in Ireland,… Continue reading When You Move Abroad For Love



Today I'm grateful for an amazing night of dinner, drinks, and dancing into all hours of the night. Tonight was Seán's university ball so we got all dressed up and headed out to a beautiful hotel in Dún Laoghaire, where I was served a delicious quinoa dinner and plenty of wine. We had the most… Continue reading 23/02/2017



Today I am grateful for the little things, the every day things that make life so wonderful. I'm grateful for my big, warm bowl of delicious vegan chili after a particularly tough workout. I'm grateful for a relaxing and cozy night in, with a good movie and a lot of cuddles. 



Today is Valentine's Day and I'm so grateful that I got to spend it with Seán. This time last year we were doing long distance and we were over 7000 kilometers apart. I'm so grateful for how things worked out and that I now get to see him as often as I do. I'm also… Continue reading 14/02/2017



I'm grateful for rainy mornings when I have nowhere to rush off to, where I can wake up gently, lounge around the apartment, and slowly sip my morning cup of tea. I'm grateful for the accomplished feeling after an intense work out and I'm grateful that my body allows me to move in such demanding physical ways.… Continue reading 11/02/2017