Today I am grateful for a delicious breakfast made by my wonderful boyfriend. He made me vegan pancakes topped with chocolate tahini sauce and fresh berries! I'm also grateful for a long walk along the sea. The west of Ireland is breathtakingly beautiful. The incredible sights combined with fresh air and a sea breeze made for a… Continue reading 25/03/2017



Today I am grateful for blue sky after a rainy weekend and rainy beginning to the week. I sometimes complain about the few days it does rain here in Dublin but I know I should be grateful for the usually good weather - it's nothing like Vancouver's months and months of never ending rain (and… Continue reading 22/03/2017



Today has not been great. I woke up feeling quite sick, and it only got worse as the day went on. I'm grateful for hot, herbal tea; a nourishing dinner of veggies, potatoes, and spaghetti; and a relaxing evening. It's important to listen to what your body needs when you're not feeling your best, and… Continue reading 27/02/2017


Hummus 3 Ways

Hummus is one of my favourite foods. It tastes amazing on almost anything! This time when making hummus, Seán and I decided to make a big batch of it, split it into thirds, add a few more ingredients, and end up with 3 different delicious kinds of hummus! We made classic hummus, beetroot hummus, and carrot… Continue reading Hummus 3 Ways