I’m grateful for the support and motivation from my coworkers on our group run today! I have never liked running and I would never be motivated enough to go for a run on my own, but I actually find myself enjoying the weekly runs and even looking forward to them! It’s amazing how much of a difference a little support makes. I’m also grateful for Seรกn’s mom sending me home yesterday with homemade tomato soup, vegetable curry, and roasted potatoes – which became tonight’s delicious dinner! It was so nice to come home to a precooked meal so I could just relax after the run ๐Ÿ™‚  


2 thoughts on “15/02/2017”

  1. Sean’s mom seems amazing! It’s so nice when you have something already cooked to come home to. Especially if you didn’t have to make it yourself! I wish I was a runner, but I just hate it so much. I would like to like it, does that make sense? xo

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