Vegan Documentaries That Will Change Your Life

I have always loved documentaries. They are both informative and entertaining at the same time. It was actually because of a documentary that I decided to make the change from a vegetarian diet to a vegan lifestyle. “Vegecated” is a film that follows three meat-and-dairy-loving New Yorkers as they try to stick to a vegan diet for six weeks. I was so inspired by the positive health changes these people experienced after becoming vegan. I was also so put off from dairy after seeing the truth exposed about animal mistreatment. After viewing this film and becoming more educated about the dairy industry I knew there was no way I could continue to consume animal byproducts. I learned so much from this one film so I sought out as many vegan documentaries as I could. They are so informative for your own personal knowledge, and so useful for knowing the facts when someone has a question about your lifestyle.

Here are some of my top picks of vegan documentaries!

  1. Forks Over Knives – This is my favourite vegan documentary. I am very interested in nutrition and the health benefits of veganism and this film is full of that type of information. The film looks at how degenerative diseases can be controlled and even reversed by adopting a plant based diet. It’s incredible!
  2. Cowspiracy – I found this film to be so interesting. This film is all about how the animal agriculture industry is the number one cause for environmental destruction. I find myself quoting this documentary all the time. The findings and facts are so shocking!
  3. Earthlings – This is an eye-opening film about how humans exploit animals. I would recommend this film to everyone because I believe it’s important to know the truth even if it is upsetting, however, I will warn you that the slaughterhouse and dairy farm footage is graphic. Society has a tendency to ignore the negative things happening in the world, but the only way to end injustice is to be aware of it.

These documentaries are available on Netflix and online. I would highly recommend these films to everyone to help you to become educated about health issues, environmental issues, and ethical issues. Feel free to comment your favourite documentaries!


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