My First Trip to Ireland 

Part of what makes long distance relationships so exciting is getting to visit    a new country. I’m so lucky that my boyfriend is from such a beautiful place. I still remember the day during our first summer together when he turned to me and told me I should visit him in Dublin for Christmas. I was so excited! I’d always wanted to go to Ireland. And getting to explore it with someone I was crazy about sounded beyond perfect. Not to mention I’d have my very own tour guide! (And chauffeur)

After 4 1/2 long months of being apart I was so ready to see my boyfriend again. Running into Seán’s arms at Dublin airport arrivals was the most amazing feeling. I’m not sure if it was the lack of sleep, the 10 hour flight, or just the fact that it had been so long, but I was completely thrown off by how, well  ..Irish.. he was. I guess the accent doesn’t carry over as well on Skype!

We spent the next few days in Dublin, visiting Seán’s friends (whom I met in Vancouver), Christmas shopping, and of course checking out all the pubs. I fell in love with Dublin. Everyone is so friendly, the streets are so lively, and the pubs are filled with live music and people having a good time.

Here’s us at Dublin Castle!

The Guinness Storehouse

Enjoying pints at the Guinness Gravity Bar

Seán made so much fun of me for taking this photo, but isn’t his front door cute?! It’s so Irish!

Seán’s family has a holiday home in Sligo, which is in the west of Ireland. It’s an adorable cottage in the countryside. Before I visited, I had an image in my mind of what Ireland was, and this town was it. Rolling green hills, sheep grazing everywhere, castles in the distance – it was perfect. We spent Christmas there with his parents, brothers, and grandparents. I felt so lucky to get to spend Christmas with him after being apart so long, and in such a beautiful place too!

A castle in Sligo (those are sheep by the way!)

Seán and I on Christmas Day

After Christmas we returned to Dublin and spent the next few days walking around the city (and stopping in a few more pubs). It felt so nice just to walk around hand in hand and act like a regular couple again.

The Ha’Penny Bridge in Dublin (its 200 year anniversary was actually this week)

New Year’s Eve in Dublin

I was in Ireland for 16 amazing days and got to visit Dublin, Wicklow, and Sligo. I cannot wait to go back and see more of the beautiful Emerald Isle! And of course I cannot wait to see my wonderful boyfriend again too!


2 thoughts on “My First Trip to Ireland ”

    1. Thank you!! 🙂 and yes! we found so many vegan restaurants while I was there (my boyfriend is now addicted to falafel and hummus – it’s amazing). Ireland is so beautiful you need to visit! I can’t wait to go back


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