Massaman Curry 

For our main course we made our favourite dish from the cooking class, Massaman Curry. This recipe has everything I love: spice, coconut milk, sweet potato, tofu.. It's so good. The secret? We made our own chili paste.  Chili Paste  10 teaspoons oil  2 small handfuls chopped carrot and onion  2 teaspoons chopped garlic  4… Continue reading Massaman Curry 


Sweet Potato Hummus 

While in Bangkok Seán and I attended the May Kaidee vegetarian cooking class. It was amazing! We both love Thai food. We were given a recipe book with all the incredible dishes we made, and last night we decided to recreate two of them.  In Thailand we made this "hummus" with pumpkin, but since I… Continue reading Sweet Potato Hummus