Oops I Forgot To Blog – Part Two

Well, it happened again. Life got busy and I forgot to blog. Between settling into a new country, a new job, and a new life really, I just couldn't find the time. But I'm back now and I plan to actually post a bit- new year new me and all that. I've had an exciting… Continue reading Oops I Forgot To Blog – Part Two


I Graduated – Now What?

Today was the big day. I woke up at 5:30am (thanks for that UBC), put on a pretty dress and heels, and ventured out to campus to join hundreds of my peers in struggling to get our gownsย on, hoods pinned, and caps straight before our 8:00am convocation. The ceremony itself wasย kind of a blur, but… Continue reading I Graduated – Now What?


Why I Quit My Job and Sold My Car

I've just done something some people may see as crazy. I quit my administration job at a private investment firm in downtown Vancouver. The job was wonderful; my employers were friendly, the office was beautiful, and the company paid for my lunches and all the coffee and fresh pressed juices I could drink. I also… Continue reading Why I Quit My Job and Sold My Car