20 Things I Hope to Accomplish in my Twenties

In light of my recent birthday (24!), I've decided to share my list of 20 things that I hope to accomplish in my 20's. Some things on this list I've already accomplished, but there's still plenty left to do and a lot of them are travel related so it looks like it's going to be… Continue reading 20 Things I Hope to Accomplish in my Twenties



Today I am grateful for my discovery of a wonderful little Asian market just down the road from my apartment! I got so many good things like tofu, miso paste, tahini, and best of all - sriracha! Vancouver is a very multicultural city with a large Asian population so I took it for granted to… Continue reading 13/03/2017


Sweet Potato Hummus 

While in Bangkok Seán and I attended the May Kaidee vegetarian cooking class. It was amazing! We both love Thai food. We were given a recipe book with all the incredible dishes we made, and last night we decided to recreate two of them.  In Thailand we made this "hummus" with pumpkin, but since I… Continue reading Sweet Potato Hummus 



Cities visited: Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Saigon In an earlier post I commented on the crazy traffic in Bangkok, but it was nothing compared to what we experienced in Hanoi! We stood on the side of the road, backpacks on, and waited what felt like forever for a gap in the… Continue reading Vietnam



Bucket drinks, lady boys, crazy tuktuk drivers, and insane heat. That about sums up our time in Bangkok. We arrived in the middle of a thunderstorm and were worried it would be raining for our entire visit, but we were so wrong - it was sunny and probably the hottest temperature either of us had… Continue reading Bangkok