Today I'm grateful for yoga! It had been so long since I had attended a class and it was so nice to get back into it. I love yoga because of how good it makes me feel. Yoga is a time for self reflection and self awareness, and for developing a higher sense of consciousness.… Continue reading 12/04/2017



Today I'm grateful for getting back to the gym. I pretty much took off the month of March but I've got a much better feeling about April as I'm feeling much more motivated and committed to my health. It feels good to be back. I'm grateful that I've recognized something wasn't working for me, and… Continue reading 10/04/2017



Today I am grateful for a delicious breakfast made by my wonderful boyfriend. HeΒ made me vegan pancakes topped with chocolate tahini sauce and fresh berries! I'm also grateful for a longΒ walk along the sea. The west of Ireland is breathtakingly beautiful. The incredible sights combined with fresh air and a sea breeze made for a… Continue reading 25/03/2017