Today I'm grateful for an amazing night of dinner, drinks, and dancing into all hours of the night. Tonight was Seán's university ball so we got all dressed up and headed out to a beautiful hotel in Dún Laoghaire, where I was served a delicious quinoa dinner and plenty of wine. We had the most… Continue reading 23/02/2017



Today I am grateful for a hot shower after a long day of work followed by a run in the pouring rain. Yes I went running even when it was raining, who even am I? I'm grateful for how motivated I can be when I really set my mind to something. I'm proud of myself… Continue reading 22/02/2017


An Apple A Day

The World Health Organization defines health as a "complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity".  Health is a holistic state of wellness of the entire body, meaning all areas of the body are strong, resilient, and resistant. Wellness is a state where the body is thriving - not just… Continue reading An Apple A Day



Today I am grateful for how much I have to look forward to. I have so many plans for the upcoming months, for summer, and just for life in general. It's amazing when things begin to fall into place and work out just how you want them to. The universe has a plan, and everything… Continue reading 21/02/2017



Paris. The city of light (and of love, romance, food, wine, effortless chic, and that certain je nais se quoi). I fell in love with Paris, as one does, the first time I visited the city three years ago. After deciding to move to Dublin, I was looking for an excuse to go back for… Continue reading Paris



Today I am grateful for the little things, the every day things that make life so wonderful. I'm grateful for my big, warm bowl of delicious vegan chili after a particularly tough workout. I'm grateful for a relaxing and cozy night in, with a good movie and a lot of cuddles. 



Today I am grateful to live in such a beautiful country. I spent the day with Seán and his friends and we did the cliff walk from Bray to Greystones. The walk is along the sea and offers some stunning views. I'm also grateful for our delicious lunch at The Happy Pear restaurant - a… Continue reading 19/02/2017