Oops I Forgot To Blog

So apparently, (for me anyway) blogging and backpacking do not mix. I was determined to document my two month travels through Southeast Asia, but as you can probably see by my absence and lack of posts, that did not happen. I had an absolutely amazing trip! It was such an adventure and it was so nice to get two whole months with my boyfriend after months and months apart! I was having so much fun and was consistently so busy that I had very little down time and very little alone time, aka no time to blog. Props to all you bloggers who manage to keep it up while backpacking! I wrote one post – whoops, maybe better luck next time.


3 thoughts on “Oops I Forgot To Blog”

  1. Haha you were busy living your experiences rather than observing them which is what you were there for, so glad you had a great trip. Perhaps you can post some pics when you’re settled back in? ☺️


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