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Bucket drinks, lady boys, crazy tuktuk drivers, and insane heat. That about sums up our time in Bangkok. We arrived in the middle of a thunderstorm and were worried it would be raining for our entire visit, but we were so wrong – it was sunny and probably the hottest temperature either of us had ever been in. We were stopping in 7-11s (which are literally on every corner here) to buy water bottles every hour. The heat will definitely take some getting used to!

Our first day in Bangkok was our anniversary! We spent the day exploring the different temples around Bangkok, by tuktuk. We found a vegetarian restaurant for dinner, it was so good! Seán said his falafel was the best he’s ever had.

We later met up with Seán’s friends Darragh and Ste and went out for bucket drinks on Khao San Road, and took taxis and tuktuks around Bangkok to different bars.  It was cool to experience Bangkok at night. The streets are crowded, everyone seems to have a bucket drink in their hand, and there are prostitutes all around. Quite different from the nightlife in Vancouver!

The street food is amazing in Bangkok! Pad Thai is only 40 baht, which is about $1.50 Canadian. Seán and I have Pad Thai at least once a day, it’s so good! It’s very easy to make Pad Thai vegan, you just ask for no egg and no fish sauce.

We explored Chinatown before heading to the train station to catch an overnight to Chiang Mai. It was very crowded and loud and full of food stalls. Seán and I are finally starting to get the hang of crossing the streets here. I’m used to crosswalks and waiting for the lights to turn red before even thinking about crossing the street. Here the cars never stop. You just have to go for it and hope for the best!

Bangkok was fun, but it’s definitely a pretty crazy city. Two days was more than enough time here. I’m very excited for our next stop, Chiang Mai!


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  1. Be sure to try Taste From Heaven in Chiang Mai it’s an amazing restaurant, the falafel there is the best I’ve had apart from Lebanese restaurants (not in Lebanon only London unfortunately). If you’re in Bangkok in October there’s a Chinese festival where many of the population turn vegan for 12 days. It’s an amazing time to be vegan in Thailand (apparently Phuket is even better at this time) with 90% of the street food becoming vegan and malls have big vegan food festivals. The vegan ice cream I got at Bang Kae mall during this time was the best I’ve ever had.


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