Seán’s Visit to Vancouver 

Saying good bye in the Dublin departures terminal was as heartbreaking as our first good bye in Vancouver last August. However, it made it easier knowing this time we would only be apart for 2 1/2 months as opposed to 4 1/2 like before. Seán was coming to visit me in Vancouver for my birthday!

The next two and half a months were full of letters, Skype calls, and expensive phone bills (I always go over my data using Whatsapp – oops). After what seemed like forever, it was finally March. I showed up at the airport 2 hours early (you could say I was a little excited) and waited anxiously at the gate for Seán. I can’t even explain my level of happiness when I finally saw a familiar pair of brown lace up shoes coming down the escalator.

We took a taxi back to campus and picked up some sushi (unsure if he missed me or sushi more to be honest) and headed back to my apartment in the pouring Vancouver rain and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

The next day was my sorority spring formal. I was ecstatic that the timing worked out with Seán’s mid semester break and that he would be there to be my date. I had so much fun with him! I know I can always count on Seán to keep a smile on my face and a drink in my hand.

Seán was in Vancouver for St. Patrick’s day. I took him to the parade during the day and then we went straight to the pubs. A bunch of my friends came out and we had a great time (and way too many pints of Guinness).

The next day was my birthday, and Seán and I took off for the weekend to Tofino, a small surf town on Vancouver Island. We spent the day walking around town, and checking out the cute cafes and shops, stopping for drinks on the pier. We had a late dinner at a pub in town. It was so wonderful to spend my birthday with my boyfriend. The next day we woke up early to go surfing! I had never surfed before but Seán surfs a lot back in Ireland (of course he does he’s good at everything). It was so much fun! Later we went to a popular food truck called Tacofino for some well deserved lunch after a day out on the ocean. On the walk back to the bed & breakfast where we were staying, we came across the Tofino Brewing Company brewery and stopped in for a drink. It was a perfect day. The next day we went on a hike and had a picnic on the beach. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.

When we returned to Vancouver, we went out for dinner to a vegetarian restaurant with my family to celebrate my birthday. I was pleasantly surprised that all 10 of them (all omnivores) enjoyed their meals and had only good things to say about the food. The restaurant is called Heirloom, and if you’re ever in Vancouver you should definitely check it out!

We had a wonderful 16 days together in Canada. It was sad saying good bye, but exciting knowing that the next time we saw each other would be in Bangkok, and a new adventure would just be beginning! This was over two months ago and I am so ready to see my boyfriend again! 12 more days!!!


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