How I Met My Boyfriend 

I’m Canadian. My boyfriend is Irish. There are currently 7,156 kilometres between us. So how did we meet?

It all began the summer before my final year of college. It was 8:30pm on a Wednesday, also known as College Night at the local student bar. And, naturally, I was in bed. I got a phone call from one of my friends, contemplated ignoring it, but instead picked up and let her talk me into going out to the bar. By 9pm I was dressed and ready to go, bringing along whatever alcohol I could find around the house. I settled on whiskey, which was strange for me considering I never drink whiskey.
We met up with our other friends and then headed out to the bar. On the way, we came across a group of guys also going to the bar. One of them in particular stood out to me, something about his smile caught my eye. I specifically remember turning to my friend and whispering “hey he’s cute”. So what does this mysterious charming man do? He offers me some of his whiskey, to which I replied “want some of mine?”.

Seán and I spent the entire night talking, which was actually a lot of me smiling and nodding while pretending to understand his accent. It turned out that this was his second night in Canada, and he was visiting with friends for the entire summer. We had an amazing summer together, filled with beach days, picnics, hiking, music festivals, and of course more nights at the student bar. It was so much fun to play tour guide and show him around my city. I even got him to try sushi for the first time, and (thankfully) he loves it! The highlight of my summer was one night in mid July, when we said “I love you” for the first time, on a blanket on the beach under a sky of fireworks.

For a long time we avoided talking about what would happen once summer was over, telling ourselves “whatever’s meant to be will be”. After that fireworks night though, we realized we both wanted more. We decided to do long distance once he returned to Ireland. We were nervous but confident we could make it work. It was heartbreaking saying goodbye to my boyfriend, and not knowing when I would be seeing him next was awful. That first goodbye was about 9 months ago though, and we’re still happy and in love as ever. I went to visit Seán in Dublin for Christmas, and he came to visit me here in Vancouver for my birthday in March. I’m seeing him next in three weeks and I could not be more excited!!!

So that’s the story of how I fell in love with an Irish boy who lives halfway across the world. For all of you in LDRs, I feel ya, and I wish you the best of luck. Long distance relationships aren’t easy, but they are beyond worth it.

“Distance means so little when someone means so much”


19 thoughts on “How I Met My Boyfriend ”

  1. I actually met my American boyfriend while we were in grad school together in Dublin! LDR are certainly different, but I think that you really appreciate your time together more 🙂 Hope you enjoy heading back to Dublin! Cheers


  2. I wouldn’t have it any other way. The strength forged from the distance is incredible. You gain a whole new outlook and appreciation and you realize what is important when you are focused on all the right things during the initial part of the relationship. So many things that would negatively affect you before become trivial. When you can finally look over in the morning and see them next to you, nothing else is important and nothing is insurmountable. Just look forward to that day where the plane ticket will be one way (though it won’t be cheaper unfortunately 😉 )
    Just hold on to the patient, easy going long term outlook when you get there, it’s of the most valuable asset you gain from these relationships.


    1. I love this! Thank you. I definitely agree. We appreciate each other so much more because of the distance. I never thought something as simple as a phone call could mean so much to me. Can’t wait for the day we get to close our distance – it’s soon!


  3. I’m in a LDR too, I met my boyfriend on the internet almost 2years ago now. It’s definitely not easy but it’s worth it when you meet the right person.


    1. Agreed! It’s tough being apart but it’s such a nice feeling knowing there’s someone out there who would do anything to be with you. Where are you and your boyfriend from? I love hearing about other LDR stories 🙂


      1. Not really, he’s from Pittsburgh originally but here and there he sounds a little southern sometimes. It’s cute haha


  4. ha! LDR here too 🙂 though I’ve known him looooong before (14 years), he’s in POland and I’m in Ireland and we miss each other like hell but we celebrate what we have and it works 😀
    all the best for you lovely people 🙂


  5. It is always intriguing for me seeing two people who really love each other. I wish you all the best and even if all my LDRs failed, am sure yours will be the exception to my ‘rule’ of LDRs…Congratulations for finishing 4 years of College!!!


  6. I used to have LDR, he is Spanish in Madrid and I’m Japanese in Japan. Our relationship was for 7 years until he started to be mad into CouchSurfing ( get girls from the site to sleep with .!!)

    Its great to know you both now being together beyond the distance !! I want you both to be happy to be together every moment 🙂 xx


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