Do I Really Have to Graduate?


I can’t believe it. I’m graduating college in a week. Is this real? Is this actually happening? These past few years have gone by unbelievably fast. They’ve been some of the best of my life. College gave me a new sense of freedom. It was the first time I moved out of my parents’ house and was entirely responsible for myself. And sometimes being entirely responsible for myself meant things like staying out all night and skipping the next day’s classes, living on a diet of instant noodles and boxed wine, and not doing laundry for a month because I ran out of quarters. And it was amazing. I’d never felt so carefree.

I’ve moved out of my 4 bedroom campus apartment, and back into my parents’ house. This house used to be my home but something feels different now. Somewhere in between the frat parties, the hungover brunches, and the late night library sessions, my college campus became home. Whether it’s knowing where to get the cheapest sushi, which library is open the latest, and what time to head out to the student bar to skip the line, campus holds countless memories for me. Most importantly though, is the people I saw every day who made me feel so at home. My best friends, my roommates, and the familiar faces in my classes (and the bars). I’ll miss them all.

Everything changes now. My friends are moving to different places. Some are moving back home, some to new and exciting cities. Some will still be around this city for happy hour after work or weekend get aways, but it will still never be as easy as walking down the hall to see my best friends.

It’s time to start a new chapter of my life. One where I don’t dance on tables, drink jungle juice, or stay out all night and sleep in until noon. I am excited for the future don’t get me wrong. I’ve got a lot to look forward to in the next while. And I don’t plan on getting a boring 9-5 job anytime soon. It’s just that college has been such an amazing experience and I’m sad it’s over now. But I know I’ll always have the memories, and the best friends I made them with.


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