Who Am I?

I suppose I should properly introduce myself, so here goes. My name is Brittany. I’m Canadian and I live in Vancouver, BC. I’ve done a fair amount of traveling so far, mostly around Canada, the United States, and Mexico. I also backpacked through Europe a few years ago, and I just recently returned from a trip to Ireland to visit my boyfriend (more on our story later!). Travel is something that excites me like nothing else. Whenever I’m not traveling, I’m dreaming up my next adventure. I’ve got big travel plans coming up soon and I am beyond excited about them. I will definitely be posting about that soon.Β  Now is the perfect time for me to travel as I’ve just finished up university and will be graduating in less than two weeks (oh my god) with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

I was a vegetarian for ten years, and made the change to veganism one year ago. Expect plenty of blog posts about plant-based diets and the vegan lifestyle, it’s something I’m extremely passionate about! In my free time I like to try out new plant-based recipes, go on hikes (there are so many opportunities here on the Pacific Northwest coast), read (I’m one of those rare people who still take out books from the library), and work out (Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide anyone??). I love all things pink, pretty, and floral, I adore going out for tea, I have a slight shopping problem, and I’m probably addicted to Instagram. There you go, a little bit about me!


5 thoughts on “Who Am I?”

  1. I am incredibly jealous of your base location in the PNW! Such a beautiful region, I’ve always wanted to explore!


  2. Nice to ‘meet’ you Brittany! πŸ™‚ Found your site through the WP Community Pool and really enjoyed my time here. I love hearing about people’s travel stories and I can’t wait to read more about your Dublin and Asia adventures πŸ™‚


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